5 Characteristics That an Ideal Car Seat Must Have


From the very first day of your kid’s birth, safety becomes your priority. You need to think of your baby before planning anything, anywhere. If you’re planning to go for shopping or outing in a car, the most important thing is baby’s seating. The general seat is not preferable for your adorable one.

Don’t worry! If you want to take him outside for a ride, you can buy suitable car seats which are relevant to him and you both. But it’s your responsibility to be careful about the security and read the caution before buying any. You’ll get best infa secure child car seat at baby-direct.com.au, they negotiate the best quality products at the lowest possible price. And they work by aiming to drive down prices and deliver value for the customers so that everyone can afford.

car#1. Grow with baby’s height and weight : The best convertible car seats have a 40 lb. weight and 40 in. height for forward facing. You can start using rear facing but you have to continue using it for years ahead so it’s worth to look for something that can grow with your child. You need to check the height of the car seat and find out how adjustable it is. It’s important to be able to see over the top of the car seat when it’s rear facing because sometimes that creates an issue.

#2. A strong LATCH system : What is LATCH? LATCH stands for “Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children” and these are the long seat belt things that come out from the back of the car seat. You may also want the clear print on your vehicle to read their recommendation about using the LATCH system. For example, some cars forbid to brace a car seat against the front seat just because of the airbags.

#3. Five-point Harness : It is not possible to find a convertible car seat having less than five point harness. The best preferable one have two points of the straps across baby’s shoulder and three points in between baby’s legs. So if you’re looking for convertible one then you have to buy one having five point harness.

#4. A Machine Washable cover : The car seat may be soaked in urine during your baby’s potty training phase. So make sure that the cover is removable and washable. Probably, you’d not be able to take off straps and wash them due to safety reasons, so in case of any spitter, make sure of having strap cover that will protect your little one and provide cosiness and hygiene.

#5. A good fit for your family : Think about why are you using the car seat for your baby. If you’re using for traveling nearby places or in town only, then you should buy less expensive model. You should not spend more on it. On other side, if you want to buy one for using in airplane traveling, you should buy expensive and durable one which has thick padding seat. Babies bumps can get tired of sitting throughout the journey so the thicker padding will give more comfort and they won’t cry on a long car ride.

At last, a car seat is one of the essential thing after the baby birth. But while using, there are certain characteristics which are required the most. If your car seat fits in the requirement then you have made up the right choice. And if it doesn’t meet the requirement, then no need to worry. You can refer this post and have an idea about the needful aspects. Have a happy ride with your sprog!

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