5 Most Popular Residential Golf Cars

Besides partying, what is the next best thing in New Jersey? Strolling around, of course! We came up with the 5 Most Popular Residential Golf Cars that will be perfect for a stroll around the suburbs with your friends. Golf aficionados recommend and/or talk about these golf cars. Here they are:

1. Elite Lithium

The Elite Lithium by E-Z-Go is, by far, the most intriguing among the residential golf cars and that is why it is so popular. This particular golf car is equipped with Samsung SDI Lithium Technology that makes its batteries energy efficient and environment friendly. Unlike lead batteries, the Elite Lithium’s battery – performance-wise – is a reliable source that does not falter little by little over time. Oh, by the way, you can forget about the checkups, cleaning, et cetera when you purchase the Elite Lithium.

2. Classic 48 – 6 Wheelchair Accessible

The “considerate” golf car, that is what the Classic 48 – 6 Wheelchair Accessible is. With only a 5.5 horse power motor, it can go up to 19.5 miles per hour and 25 miles per hour for its low speed vehicle (LSV) option. The very spacious interior can accommodate 6 persons including one wheelchair. This golf car is so considerate that it has safety locks for the wheelchairs and side rails. (It is also believed to be more considerate than some people.)

3. Gem e2

Do not be deceived of how sweet and tiny the Gem e2 is because even with just a 6.7 horse power engine, it could go as fast as 25 miles per hour while carrying 2000 pounds of whatever-you-want! A golf car like this should not be taken lightly.

4. Roadster 4 + 2 – AC

If you feel like looking retro while riding around the area, the Roadster 4 + 2 – AC is your best bet. It has 12-inch aluminum wheels to carry you through the hills; and by “you”, I meant 1080 pounds of you, your loved ones, and your equipment. Yes, loved ones because it can carry up to 6 passengers. That is not all! The Roadster 4 + 2 – AC has a lockable front hood storage space so that you will still look elegant while hauling your luggage to go to your favourite vacation spot.

5. Magellan 2 + 2 – AC

Out of all the Magellan series, this is my favourite. It has a 6 horse power motor which is pretty powerful for a golf car. It looks small and ordinary but with the 10-inch aluminum wheels, it can go for miles without you breaking down. You can use the Magellan 2 + 2 – AC for a double date with your friends! Drive to the nearest golf course to play and then grab some milkshakes after; you will be shocked because after that your car would still be running and will not need any sort of charging.

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