9 Precautions You Should Take While Importing A Boat From The USA To Australia

Importing cheap boats to Australia from countries like the USA or Asian countries is gaining a huge popularity. Boat buyers are found talking about beast deals on offer while purchasing from a US dealer or central broker.

But buyers should beware. Just as there is no such thing like a free meal, there is no such thing like a cheap boat.

Many of these boats may have some serious issues like water in the fuel tank or cracks in the fuel injectors and even considerable damage to pistons. So, a cheap boat can turn to be extremely expensive.

Here is a list of precautions you should take while importing a boat from the USA to Australia.

1. Purchase from an Accredited Dealer

Purchase from an accredited dealer who should be a Boating Industry Association member. Such accredited dealers run their business in an ethical as well as professional manner with the highest standards. In other words, they are the boating industry leaders.

An accredited dealer sticks to audited guidelines, meant to offer higher standards of superiority in the industry. So, keep in mind to import a boat from USA like Dazmac Logistics, an accredited dealer, for example.

2. Buy with Confidence

An accredited dealer will prominently display their logo to show it to the buyers because of which you can purchase a boat from such a dealership with confidence.

3. Consumer Protection

It should be noted that accredited dealers run trust accounts, act in accordance with an agreed code of conduct and their business is audited to ensure compliance. All these necessities are formed to offer consumer protection so as to increase buyers’ confidence.

4. Statutory Declaration

Accredited boat dealers should provide the buyer with a statutory declaration guaranteeing that the purchased watercraft and/or trailer is being sold with a clear title and the buyer owes no finance.

This saves the consumer from likely police inquiries etc since the statutory declaration ascertains that nobody has any interest in the watercraft and/or trailer.

Unfortunately, the Vehicle Securities Register (VSR) doesn’t work nationally for watercrafts in Australia, since it’s not compulsorily required to record the Hull Identification Number (HIN) in some Australian states at the time of registration.

5. Beware of Stolen Boats

Some of the boats labelled as “for sale in the USA” may be stolen and as a result, they may even have been “re-birthed”. Be aware of this fact.

6. Understand the History of the Vessel

Several US brokers and dealers are all selling the same boat; so, you can’t have a talk with the actual vendor. Be alert if you are unable to know or authenticate the full service history and/or usage of the watercraft and/or trailer.

7. Mechanical Inspection by US Broker 

If a US broker offers a mechanical inspection, what’s the guarantee of the impartiality, qualifications and relations with the dealer of the inspector? Commission payments and a conflict of interest are both alarming factors and you have no way to validate the information provided to you.

8. Trailers Should Meet Australian Standards

If the trailers are not built according to the Australian standards, it may not be capable of being registered by the concerned state authorities, since they are not compliant. Hence they may not pass the formal inspection needed for registration.

9. 240V Electrical System

Purchasing a watercraft designed to meet Australian compliance and standards means it comes factory-fitted with 240V electrical system. If it’s not, you will have to get the electrical system of your vessel fully re-wired to match 240V, tested and given an Electrical Compliance Certificate.

USA built vessels are wired to their standard 110V. Therefore, changing only the power point socket won’t suffice. All the wiring, chargers, air-conditioning, refrigeration and electrical looms will have to be changed.

Even some brands of navigation equipment and TVs should be changed to suit the Southern Hemisphere since a difference in “polarity” occurs.

So, consider all these factors so that you can have the boat shipping performed smoothly and to your peace of mind.

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