A complete guide to the Dodge Challenger

The Dodge challenger is a powerful car of recent times, especially its 2017 model. It offers its users an immense amount of power, complete with a easy to handle package as well. It is perfect for road trips outside of town, given its quiet and smooth ride, coupled with an above-average fuel economy.

Acceleration and Power

The Dodge has four different engines on offer for the 2017 model, with a 305 horsepower engine that delivers a pretty respectable mixture of power and fuel efficiency; something that is enough to make every car owner drool with unending desire. In the opinion of experts, the eight speed automatic transmission of the car is extremely refined, as well as fast-shifting, something that is standard for every V6 engine available in the market. The car gear is easy to shift, but at times the foot pedal made for the emergency brake can get tangled up with the clutch pedal in the car, with both ending up coming in each other’s way.

Handling and braking

Just like a lot of other sports cars out there on the rods, the Dodge Challenger also has a rear-wheel drive to call its own. However, in the 2017 model, this is somewhat different, due to the extension of the wheel-drive challenger GT. In a few selected specimens, you can even go to the extent of upgrading your handling with the available options in goodies, like the high performance and competition grade suspension systems, along with an adaptive rapid system for the sole purpose of rapid suspension adjustments. Moreover, the challenger is pretty smooth and easy to drive on the highway, since it is supported by ample brakes and steering mechanisms. However, a times, it has a tendency to lean quite a bit if you decide to take a corner too quickly.


Once you have decided to make a purchase of this beautiful and sporty car, having a cover for it is a must. There are numerous challenger car covers available in the market which you should definitely take a look at if you are buying the 2017 Dodge Challenger. Having a cover is important because it not only protects your car from environmental elements like the UV rays of the sun and the rain, but also ensures that your car is scratch-free and retains its painting job for a long time, without needing any repairs whatsoever. There are a lot of retailers as well as e-commerce websites that sell challenger car covers at throwaway prices, and do not even compromise on the quality of their covers. You should ideally choose a cover that is breathable, durable, provides maximum protection in all weather conditions, and is perfectly suitable for a year-round usage; not to forget that it should be value for your money.

Potential of a classic

The Dodge Challenger is considered to be one of the most revered American muscle cars of all time, and has the full potential to develop into a classic car in the years to come. Therefore, it is imperative that you take care of your Dodge Challenger (if you own one) in all ways possible, starting with a challenger car cover for your beloved road beast.

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