A guide to Classic Car Restora-tion and Dent Repair

As cars – and the cost of upkeep, servicing and maintenance – seems to be continually getting more expensive, more and more of us are turning to classic car restoration it seems.

Whether it’s a family heirloom, carefully handed down through the generations, or a ‘dream car’ from an auction or specialist trader, it’s far more than a labour of love or hobby to restore a classic car.

Apart from all the maintenance and servicing of the mechanical parts, the aesthetics and outer shell of the car are often the most abused aspect. Thus, restoring the bodywork to its former beauty is often the first step – and perhaps the most painful – of any classic car restoration.

Central to classic car restoration is the bugbear that is dent repair. Whether it’s a little parking ‘ding’, or a scratch, to something fare more substantial, it’s a fair bet we’re going to be undertaking dent repair in any classic car restoration.

What’s the best method of dent repair in classic car restoration?

If you have an unlimited budget, it’s very easy – and generally expensive – to simply replace any damaged bodywork. However, sourcing the replacement parts is often the issue, and there’s many aggravating factors that may deter one’s eagerness :-

  • sourcing the right parts
  • condition of the parts
  • cost of purchase (and shipping) the parts
  • time awaiting delivery of the parts

Far better then, it seems, to attempt to restore the parts ourselves. We can work in our time, at our own pace, and have everything within our control.

For dent repair, we can perhaps source a specialist restorer who could come to visit the car – or take the parts away for dent repair – although again, this could prove expensive and time-consuming.

Perhaps then, the best method of dent repair for classic car restoration is to do everything ourselves – and it’s not difficult either.

All we need are any specialist tools – which can be easily hired or bought online – and any specialist cleaning and restoration products. Again, our online marketplaces are our friends here, as we can order anything from anywhere these days it seems.

Finally, what else do we need? Perhaps some specialist advice or knowledge? Well, again – that’s easily found online too, either on Youtube, Google or specialist classic car restoration websites and forums.

Will it not be expensive to do my own dent repairs and classic car restoration?

Whilst it may not be cheap to source any dent repair tools, products and items, it’s certainly cheaper than letting other people do it.

In addition to the cost savings, think what a sense of satisfaction you have when you’ve completed your dent repairs?

Just think, look forward to the day when you can take your old beauty out on the road and be receiving all those envious, admiring glances. Think what a sense of pride and satisfaction you will have, knowing all those hours of hard work have paid off!

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