Specialist Insurance Solutions for Convicted Drivers

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At some stage in your driving experience you may have unfortunately been convicted of one of many penalties and are now struggling to get insured on your van. We can help!

Whether you’ve been banned from driving or have previously been convicted for a non-driving related matter, we work with van insurance brokers with great experience in the field.

Common driving conviction explained

cheap insurance for convicted drivers
cheap insurance for convicted drivers

DR10 driving offence: In the UK this is one of the most common offences committed and it is drink driving. Once caught driving under the influence of alcohol it is expected that you will be disqualified from driving for a minimum of one year.

SP30 speed limit: This offence is applied to all drivers in the UK. If you are caught speeding on a public road, this is one of the penalties that you could be hit with which will stay on your record for 4 years.

CU80 use of mobile: If you were to distract yourself from controlling the vehicle whilst driving including using a mobile phone you will receive this penalty which will remain on your record for 4 years.

For more on different penalties and the points you can receive click here.


To get van insurance for convicted drivers or banned drivers click here for a free quote.

It goes without saying that once you have received a driving penalty, your insurance premiums will be higher than average for a few years but what is important is that you can still get cover from reputable providers that will make the process as simple as possible. If you have any queries about getting insured after being convicted call 0800 58 11 03 to speak to a friendly member of customer service at Van Quote Direct insurance brokers.

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