Does my vehicle have a heated windshield?

The Heated wind shields are built by laying an almost invisible web of fine tungsten wires on the wind shield glass. This way you might not be able to tell if you have a heated wind shield or not. A distinctive feature of most heated wind shields is the presence of a heated wiper park. This wiper parks have the same features and size and it works with the back glass de-frost. The only way to find out is by searching your dashboard for a button or an indicator. Or you can as well check it up on your vehicles’ manual.

Crystal Clear Blades produces top notch reliable heated windshield wiper blade for all car models and brands. The heated windshield wipers work alongside the pre-installed vehicle de-froster system. There is a heating element which can be found inside the silicone rubber squeegee. When turned on through a special switch found in the console of theĀ  heated wiper blade system, the element starts heating up. In order to keep your windshield ice and snow free, there is another heating element which is responsible for heating the structure pivot points.

With its silicon rubber compound, an 18 gauge automotive wire, and also a strong duty flip switch, put in place to make sure it delivers the perfect result, the heated wind shield wipers is considered to be one of the best in quality service delivery. A vehicle that lacks adequate maintenance is one who’s wiper blades are worn out and this defect posses a significant danger to the life of every occupant of that vehicle especially during the winter season.

How does a heated windshield work?

By heating up a bunch of thin tungsten wire arranged in a glass, the temperature of the wind shield can be raised and all the ice and snow de-frosted in just few seconds. This wires are just almost as the tiny wires found in electric bulbs. During the heating up process, the wind shield might not literally get hot, but all that is required for the ice and snow to de-frost is just a considerable rise in temperature.

What are the benefits of having a heated windshield?

Clearing away ice and condensation on the wind shield is one of the benefit of using a heated wind shield. With a heated windshield wiper blade, visibility is greatly improved, thus enhancing the safety of the driver. Another benefit is the conservation of gas that the heated wind shield provides, i.e. one can save up the gas that should be used in running the car heater and air conditioner all in the bid to de-frost.

Heated Windshield and Replacement

In case your wind shield is damaged and you need a replacement, you should contact a professional to help you have the job done correctly. This is important because of the need to have the right glass ordered and fixed for you. Typically, the heated windshield system has wires that lead into your car, and if the windshield is being removed for replacement, those can be disconnected and ready for a new windshield.

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