ECU Remapping and Programming Ensures Better Engine Performance

All modern vehicles and vans on the roadway today feature Engine Control Units, or ECUs. You might say that the ECU is the vehicle’s brain as it contains a processor that takes data from sensors inside the engine. The ECU analyses information such as the accelerator pedal angle, engine temperature, and oxygen content in burnt gases from the exhaust.

Realising Better Engine Performance and Fuel Economy

By using this sensor data, an ECU can add the right amount of petrol at the right times to supply a good mix of fuel economy, performance, and emission control. Whether you are puttering down the road or zooming over the motorway, an ECU can assist you in realising better engine performance.

Therefore, one of the garage services in Kent that is offered entails ECU remapping and programming. ECU remapping takes a read from the ECU processing chip and adjusts various parameters within the system’s map. These parameters may include boost pressure (on turbocharged vehicles), fuel pressure, throttle pedal control, or ignition advance. This completely safe process gives an engine the type of performance that will make it more fuel-efficient and less prone to breakdown.

Advantages of Programming

Therefore, ECU programming not only enhances an engine’s power and torque but it also sharpens the throttle response and broadens the power band. Power is delivered so an engine’s performance is more flexible. In addition, remapping reduces fuel consumption. That is because less throttle input is required to maintain motorway speeds. As a result, you can drive in a higher gear at a slower speed.

If you have a turbocharged diesel or petrol engine, an ECU upgrade will give you increased torque and horsepower, smoother power delivery, and enhanced fuel efficiency. Non-turbocharged petrol engines enjoy about a 10% power increase with added torque. The camshaft timing can be tuned as well, providing added enhancements.

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