Four Tips for Car Buying with Motability

 Buying a car with Motability can offer up its challenges, there are different factors to consider and what might work best for a regular car buyer might not fit those in this scenario. There are people that can help and choose the right place to go will be an important factor to ensure your car buying success. When shopping around, there are some specific things you’ll need to consider. Here are some handy tips to follow while buying a car with Motability.

Car Consideration

Knowing which car to choose can be the difference between loving or loathing over your purchase over the long-run. You’ll want to make sure that it fits all of your needs and will keep you happy for years to come. You may want to consider a Smart car. They are great on fuel, easy to drive, and don’t take up a lot of unnecessary space. With options in both the smart-for-two and smart-for-four categories, you can get something that is just right for you, or the whole family. It’s great to know you can retain your independence with one of these easy to manoeuvre cars that can get the job done.

Do You Qualify?

 Knowing whether you qualify for this helpful program is pretty easy. Those receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA), War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) qualify for the same. You can easily trade your allowance in for a great Smart car. They are both fully covered by your allowance, and you won’t be required to come up with any advanced payment. It’s easier than you might have thought to get yourself into a new set of wheels.

What About Future Considerations

When owning a vehicle, it is always important to think about the future. You don’t want to face unknown variables that could leave you in a tight spot. You’ll rest easy knowing that the right dealership has already thought about it, and that they have considered to include the great benefits. Your car should be covered for full breakdown maintenance from RAC, and that insurance will cover yourself and 2 other nominated drivers, and a third could be added for a small fee. For that, you can get service, maintenance, MOT and even have the option to trade in for new car every three years. The right dealership should include all the above.

Where Do I Start?

Choosing the right dealership is going to make the difference between getting blank stares or a warm welcome and an understanding hello. When looking for smart car motability, make sure you qualify, and if you are not fully certain, your dealer will help you along the way. Look online and see all the wonderful benefits of driving a Smart car. Then narrow down a dealer of choice who can walk you through the process.

 A well-experienced salesman working for the right dealership, with a great range of qualifying smart cars is easy to find. Go online or show up in person at one of the helpful dealerships and let them make it easy for you. Just click or walk in, and then drive away.

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