Getting your car service right

In amongst all the spring cleaning, don’t forget your car – a regular service is the best thing you can do to keep it reliable and problem-free. It is vital, therefore to get the servicing right, as a substandard job could offer false reassurance and even cover up a problem that could get worse over time. Do plenty of research before committing to a service, therefore, and make sure you know exactly what to look for in your chosen service provider.

What’s involved

A basic car service will cover a set of checks to a vehicle’s core components to make sure they are running properly and there is no need for any repairs or replacement parts or fluids. A decent, professional service can spot issues needing attention problems before they cause real problems and keep running costs lower by reducing repairs and saving fuel costs. A full service history will also help you sell your car later on, as it will show it has received the proper care and attention.

Consult the manual

For most vehicles, a full service should take place every year to keep it in the best possible condition and to fix any issues. For further detail, consult your car owner’s manual, as there may be recommendations for how long you can travel between oil changes, or special arrangements for high-performance vehicles. The manual can also give you further details, such as when any replaceable parts of the vehicle need to be changed. There is normally also a section that you can use to plan your servicing schedule and to note down any significant dates or mileage.

Choose your supplier

A popular option for services is the dealership where you purchased your car, or one that sells the make and model of vehicle that you own. While these places will normally charge more, they will usually have a better understanding about how your car should be performing, and any faults it could be prone to developing.  If you opt for an independent garage, you should be able to negotiate a lower price, but make sure you are not choosing a substandard service for the sake of a small financial saving as this could prove to be a false economy. Look for open and transparent pricing information, clear explanation of the services on offer and previous customer recommendations.

Embrace new technology

If you are looking for additional safe and easy tools for managing your car servicing schedule, then help is on its way in the form of Carol, a brand new and interactive car management service that will allow users to schedule servicing and MOTs, track and make vehicle tax payments, purchase insurance and analyse their driving in real time, all through a single, online platform. It is anticipated that Carol will be launched later on this year.

A fair price

Always ask what the full and final price will be before agreeing to the work being carried out. Your service provider should be able to give you a detailed breakdown of the costs involved, including parts, labour and VAT. Don’t be afraid to ask a few places for quotes before selecting your provider, as this will give you a better idea about what you should be expecting to pay. Make sure the parts being used are of equal quality to your existing ones. This goes for things like tyres, wiper blades and oil and brake fluid changes too.

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