How Can You Find Whether Vehicle Tires Are in Good condition or Not

Condition of a tire is very important in determining the comfort, and safety of a driving experience. An older tire can pose danger to a person. It can increase the risk of unexpected and sudden tread separation.

Does an old tire pose safety hazard?

People usually depend on the tread of a tire to determine its state. But the rubber compounds present in a tire tend to deteriorate with time, irrespective of the state of the tread. The older a tire gets; more likely it is to present safety hazards to a person.

What is the lifespan of a tire?

If a person drives their vehicle for around 12k to 15K miles yearly, then the tread of the tire will wear out soon in 3 to 4 years of time. It is much before the time required to wear a rubber compound. Tires that are new or have not been used but are six years old can pose the chance of safety risks. Detroit is one of the best places to find authorized car dealers. For a proper examination of your tire condition, you must take it to a Detroit body shop.

What are the signs that show that a tire has got old?

A tire when it gets old shows signs of aging. It behaves in the same way as an old rubber band. When you stretch an old rubber band, you can see formation of cracks on its surface. Same thing happens to an old tire. When it gets old, its elasticity reduces and surface starts to show wear and tear.

Such tire can easily get damaged due to small pebbles and other pointed objects on the road. These cracks can be little in the beginning but with the passing time they can become large holes. A hole in the tire can lead to dangerous situations. Such damage can cause the steel belts present in the tread to get separated from the remaining section of the tire.


An old and dangerous tire can cause harm both to the driver but also the vehicle. It can increase the chances of getting into accidents. Keeping your tires in the best condition can improvise your driving experience.

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