How Cold Weather Is Affecting Your Car Hoses

With one of the coldest winters we have ever faced upon us, the snow falling and no signs that it is going to stop, it may be a good idea for us to all perform some car winter maintenance. Of course you may have already done this towards the end of last year, but doing this again isn’t going to hurt anyone.

When providing your car with winter maintenance you should pay close attention to your coolant system, and all of your car hoses and hose connectors and fittings. The cold weather and freezing cold temperatures can really damage the hoses of cars, especially radiator hoses.

How Cold Weather Damages Car Hoses

When it is really cold hoses expand and contract much faster, and this can cause hoses to weaken dramatically.  This does happen all of the time; it is just worsened when it is cold.

The majority of car hoses are made using specially formulated rubber that it designed to be heat resistant making the hoses able to withstand hot temperatures. This being said when engines are turned on the exposure to heat still makes rubber hoses expand, leaving them to cool upon turning off where they then contract.

During winter car hoses do from being the ambient temperature of the storage area, whether that is outside your home or in a garage, to the operating temperature of your engine in a very short time period. Then when you turn your engine off your hoses cool down incredibly quickly to low temperatures. This creates significant expansion and contraction of the rubber – which you could have heard being referred to as flexing.

When rubber hoses expand and contract too quickly they can get damaged. Small cracks can appear on the hoses and internal damage can be caused. Because of this all year round, but especially during the coolest months, you should pay close attention to your hoses to ensure that they are not breaking. The older your car hoses are, the more likely they are to face problems.

You should not only check your car hoses yourself but also be sure to get them checked by professionals at regular intervals – This will enable you not to miss any early signs of damage. When hoses are damaged they should be fixed right away to stop further car problems from occurring.

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