How to Get the Right Alignment for Your Car

Every car owner knows how important the life of the car tires is. There are many aspects that determine the life span of the tires and among them, one of the most important factor that asks for your attention, is the right wheel alignment.  A proper wheel alignment plays a crucial role in making the steering act in a responsive manner. A car showing an uneven roll even on paved roads or unusually soon tire wear, or the tendency of a car in pulling towards one side or start vibrating during a drive, chances are there that your wheels are not correctly aligned. Here are few basic ways to diagnose common alignment problems as well as the methods to correct them.

Frequent Tire Replacements

As explained by the Ontario Hyundai dealership experts, it is normal for the tires to wear out over a period of time as there is always a friction taking place between the road and the tire. The friction increases in the events of acceleration and application of brakes. Frequent off-road driving too causes more tire wear than usual. But if your car tires are getting worn off too often without enough reasons, it indicates that the alignment isn’t done straight, because of which the tires are undergoing more stress. In such situations, you need to try to re-align the tires and see, if the drive quality improves.

More Pressure on Other Car Parts

An erroneous car alignment can even lead to early wear and tear of other car parts as well. When the car pulls aside, or drag on the road with uneven jolts, other parts of the car too receives undue pressure, and the most susceptible to wear is the brakes, that further turns into severe safety issues. In such cases, it is recommended to visit a car repair shop and fix up the issues taking a professional help.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

When your car tires are wrongly aligned, it creates pressure on multiple car parts and all these mechanisms struggle a lot to roll the car. As a result the fuel consumption increases to an alarming rate.

Aligning Your Car tires the Right Way

To bring back the normal functionality of your car, make sure your tire is rightly aligned through the following ways as suggested by the Hyundai Ontario dealership mechanics:

  • Check the Owner’s Manual for Tire Specifications
  • Get a 24-inch pieces of angle iron, two bricks, two identical tape measures, car jack, from the spare-tire compartment of the trunk.
  • Loosen the nuts
  • Roll the car once forward and then backward
  • Turn your steering wheel straight
  • Set up the tape measuring the dimension suggested in the car manual
  • Adjust the tie rods
  • Tighten the nuts back and take a test drive

The Bottom Line

Getting the car alignment checked might not be always on the top of one’s list of priority. But to prevent your car from further damage, once you observe one or many of the above said symptoms, checking out the alignment by yourself or by taking a professional help would save you a lot of time, money and energy while you ensure safety for your loved ones.

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