How to Make Your Old Car Look New

Driving an old car, that still gives fantastic performance, with which you find a sense of belonging and association you have developed over the years, might make you feel a bit down at the very thought of disowning it. But instead of being compelled to buy a new one, you can make your car new again as and when you can afford it. The result will be undoubtedly satisfying.

  1. Cleaning Up Everything

If you search for “car dealer near me” on the internet, you’ll learn that the first step towards refreshing the look of your car, is cleaning up everything inside and out. Starting from a good car wash for the exterior, for the lower side of the car to the trunk space, from the skin of the interior to the seats and storage pockets, make sure, all of them get back their shine for sure. If it feels too time consuming and tiresome for you, consider taking a professional help who has the right set of things to clean up the parts, that are difficult to reach and clean.

  1. Fix the Driver Area and the Interior Space

The most used part of the car is the driver area, since a car can never be used, when no one is sitting on the cockpit. Focus on those places first, where the drivers touch most often. Starting with the steering wheel would be a good idea and then moving to the dashboard. You can even upgrade the dashboard illumination area as well as the instrument cluster and the gear box. If you find the knobs and switches badly worn-out, or if the dashboard pad feels sticky and faded, consider a replacement of it, or try a repainting job done professionally.

Change the upholstery without fail, upgrade the rubber mats and fix up a few nice fixtures to get the new look.

  1. Electronic Features

One of the main drawbacks of driving an old car is having lesser technology to help you with driving and ensuring safety. Check with any auto body repair shop to find out how much of technology your car can be blessed with. Till the limit you get the permission, give it a shot and bring all those revolutionary changes under the hood. Integrate your car with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, install a good head-up display, install or upgrade your Bluetooth connection for a cellphone and place the safety features in proportion to your car to get all those benefits you see others enjoying.

  1. Brakes, Suspensions, Wheels and Tires

On the internet search for “auto dealer near me” and you’ll find the experts suggesting that, if your car is running fine, it might not require a rebuilding of either the brakes, the suspension or the steering system. But if it is more than five to six years old or even more, do not take the risk of continuing with the same parts that control the performance and safety of your car on the road. Make sure to replace them rather than repairing.

  1. New Paint Job

After you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, give your car a nice paint job, with the most vibrant color of your choice, and enjoy riding a new car staying very much within your budget.

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