How to Sell Your Accident Car in Perth for Cash & No Expense

When your car in accident condition is for sale, it can be tough to find someone that is interested in buying the car. Should you continue to pay for the costly classified ad in hopes of finding a buyer for the car? Should you be happy with the insurance cheque you received for the car and not worry about getting any more cash for the car? The simple answer is Speed Car Removal in Perth. We buy accident condition cars, paying our customers instant cash.

Is the car badly damaged? Perhaps, it can be repaired, but instead of going to the expense of repairing the car, it makes more sense to put the cash into buying a new car. Whatever the state of your accident condition car, expect to receive a fair price for it from us. We are the accident car buyers in Perth that pay top cash for cars.

Speed Car Removal of Perth is your buyer for many reasons:    

  • Why spend cash on your accident car? With us, there is no repairing the car, nor is there any cost to advertise the car for sale. We buy your car in “As Is” condition.
  • Why pay to have the car towed to a buyer or wrecking yard? When we buy accident cars we don’t require that you bring the car in to us to be appraised (we make quotes over the phone and online) and we don’t require that you bring the car to us to sell. Instead, we come to you when you live or reside in Perth and provide a free car removal Perth.
  • Why deal with the uncertainty of selling your car to some unknown buyer? When we buy your car, we bring the cash with us, so you get an instant payment at the time we buy & remove your car. There’s no delay, no uncertainty, just instant cash.
  • Why waste time doing paperwork? Gather up your documentation like the title of ownership for the car, and we’ll provide all other necessary paperwork.

Get A Quick Quote

To obtain a quick cash quote for your car for sale, contact Speed Car Removal. We make quotes over the phone or online. Just give us a call or visit our homepage to complete our “Get a Quote” form.

Get top cash for your junk car for sale of any accident condition.

Call us at   0431 328 128.


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