How To Sell Your Car in Melbourne without Fixing & Repairing It

There is a way to sell your car without fixing and repairing the car. Are you familiar with car removal companies? Cash For Your Cars is a removal company in Melbourne that offers a great way to sell your scrap cars. Just pick up the phone and give us a call for a cash quote. If the price we offer is one that you’d like to take for the sale of your car, just accept our offer. Selling your car in “As Is” condition is that simple.

When we buy cars, we buy any make and condition. Suppose you have an old Toyota that has a blown transmission. That is a costly repair, and for some buyers, the car may not be worth its cost without the repair. For us, we will buy the car and part it out, fix it, or recycle it, or a combination of all. Perhaps you have a car in which the entire engine is blown and needs to be replaced. That is a higher cost yet. Regardless, we will buy the car. We are your car buyer that:

  • Repairs cars for resale – With our network of buyers, we take cars that need repairs, fix the engines and spruce up the car, and resale the cars.
  • Pull parts to recondition – Perhaps, only part of your car’s engine is shot; but, the value of the car doesn’t make it worth the price to repair the car. We’ll pull parts to recondition and recycle the remainder of the car.
  • Recycle cars – Maybe your car is old and broken down, and there is no option but to recycle the car. We will buy your car paying you cash to recycle the car.

When we are your car buyer, you get a cash payment and all the convenient services we offer:    

  • Get a free car removal Melbourne when you accept our cash offer for your engine damaged car – We come to your location to remove your car for free.
  • Get free car wrecking and recycling – We don’t charge for our services, we offer them for free.

Get a Quote      

To obtain a cash quote for your car for sale, please give Cash For Your Cars a call at the numbers below. For an online quote, please contact us via our online form on our homepage.

Get top cash for your car by calling us at   0410726726 or 0449222425.


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