Ioniq – Hyundai’s car for the Future

There was a time when caring about the planet and using eco friendly products meant you had to forget about comfort and drive quality in automobiles. Hyundai with its latest offering, Ioniq has busted popular conventions and offers a car that surrounds you with advanced safety technology and desirable premium features, proving that you can care about the planet and still have an engaging driving experience. Before you jump into the conclusion that all of this would affect the true purpose of a hybrid, Hyundai has also managed to make it the most fuel-efficient car in America, Ioniq Blue, delivering an exceptional EPA-est. 59 MPG. All without you having to charge a battery, change your driving habits or make any compromises at all. Gone are the times when users had to compromise on ride quality in hybrids. With Drive Mode Select on offer, there are options for steering feel and throttle response. Drivers can choose from Eco and Sport settings. When using different settings, the driver experiences a vibrant changing color palette and dynamic graphics that monitor vehicle performance. For all vehicle enthusiasts world over, especially the ones in Houston Hyundai Ioniq is a very exciting offering loaded with features. Let’s take a look at the few features unique to Hyundai Ioniq that makes this a really compelling choice.

An efficient and balanced powertrain starts with an eager 1.6L gasoline engine that works in concert with 32kW electric motor that delivers 139 combined horsepower. Power is delivered to the road by a 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission making it nimble to drive through traffic and smooth when cruising at highway speed. Let’s start with the advanced lithium-ion polymer battery. Its design, capacity and output make it a compact unit and one of the most efficient batteries available. The Ioniq Hybrid’s battery unit is located under the rear passenger area which lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity and helps reduce energy loss due to inertia.

The driver’s display has a brilliant changing color palette and dynamic graphics to monitor vehicle performance when using different settings of Drive Mode Select. When it comes to technology and convenience, Ioniq offers the ease of wireless charging for your phone. There’s no need to mess with cords or plugs, just set your phone on the charging pad in the center console to charge. There’s even a handy holder for your tablet between the front seats. Real utility starts with a spacious interior. Ioniq Hybrid’s 26.5 cu. ft. of cargo space is huge. Plus, there’s a conveniently large hatch that gives you better access for loading and unloading than any trunk. The 60/40 split-folding rear seatback presents many useful options for both seating passengers and securing cargo. If you share your car with another driver, here’s another excellent feature. Ioniq’s Integrated Memory System moves the driver seat based on each driver’s stored position. It’s sharing made easier and better. You save time and hassle by just pressing a button. It also comes with easy seat access which moves the seat back once the engine is turned off, making exiting and entering the car easier. These are just few among the array of features that Ioniq has on offer. For more information visit the Northfreeway Hyundai website.

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