Keeping The Public Transport Running

In just about every Country, town and city, public transport in the form of busses are to be seen. There are other forms of transport, mostly private companies etc., however busses remain the main commuter transport. We need to keep them running!

Bus Repairs and services have to be carried out on an ongoing basis. There are Federal and often Municipal repair regulations that have to observe when maintaining the smooth running of a fleet of busses.  Busses run from point A to point B and return however their cargo is precious and those who travel in them have to travel in safety. This is where the bus repair companies come in. Bus repair companies or fleet specialists such as Mobile Truck Services will tell you if your bus is ready for the road. Regular service to busses keeps repairs down to the minimum and therefore the costs as well.

Taking into account the federal laws governing the repair and service of busses you need to take due cognizance of how their rules apply to repair companies. For example, if a bus’s brake system has to be overhauled then special circumstances apply and must prevail. The hydraulic fluid specified by the ECFR (Electronic Code of Federal Regulations) or e-CFR, has specifications for tolerances and therefore only recommended types of fluids may be used. The same will apply to the brake drums and pads and other parts.

There are many such parts on the braking system of a bus and each one has an approval code. From pistons to cylinders as well as other parts, all must be certified which is sometimes difficult when a breakdown occurs. The repairs to a bus need to be carried out efficiently and as soon as possible as, for the downtime which occurs for the company owning the bus, it means a loss of revenue. Very often a bus needs to be towed as even the smallest part that is not operating correctly will take the bus off-the-road. The driver of the bus has the responsibility to inform his company that a problem has occurred.

Towing busses for repairs is also a specialized operation and needs to be carried out without delay as the vehicle must be placed back in rotation as soon as possible. The towing company and the mechanics or technicians that will work on the bus need to be ASE trained as that particular bus, once repairs are completed, has to be inspected by an authorized official who is licensed and falls under the jurisdiction of the ECFR.

Bus repairs need to be carried out efficiently and quickly so the latest equipment for the diagnosing and checking of today’s modern bus problems is required. Whether it be engine repairs, drive train (wheels etc) or chassis problems, all has to be done by ASE trained service agents. Companies like Mobile Truck and Bus Services(registration # DOT3090107), for example, operating in the South Carolina area have the equipment and the trained staff to sort out these problems. One can be thankful that companies like this, registered with theFederal Transit Administration (FTA) allow us to travel by bus in complete safety.

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