Latest Technologies in Hyundai cars

The automotive technology of the Hyundai Motors is continuing to a continuous chain of evolution, that is focused on making every experience inside their vehicles come out to be safer, smoother and enjoyable. They have proved time and again that building trust is something they care about. The State-of-the-art technology works hard for bringing in more stability keeping safety and comfort clubbed together at the top of priorities.

Making vehicles smarter

Realizing the importance of intelligent vehicles, Hyundai has been developing semiconductors all through these years. According to the Washington Township Hyundai dealer to add some more feathers to this advancement, Hyundai has attached infotainment with control systems that ensure driving safety functionality.

Infotainment System

To incorporate the most impressive infotainment system, Hyundai has introduced the use of telematics, which represents a fusion of telecommunication with informatics. It has featured in it a state-of-the-art communication terminal that has a built-in GPS connected to every electronic device present in the vehicle. The system keeps the driver updated with every useful and important information that ease out the path towards a safer driving.

(HMI) The Human machine interface

HMI stands for the Human machine interface which is specifically designed to help the driver in understanding and handling every interaction with the vehicle. To make this interaction smooth and successful, Hyundai Motors has conducted intensive research on the subject that came out with a system that can intuitively handle the act of driving through the help of touch screens, switches, and voice recognition. The smart HMI technology here has added in features like handwriting recognition, gesture recognition and proximity sensors.

LCD Cluster

Every piece of information in the latest Hyundai vehicles gets graphically displayed through a large (12.3”) LCD screen. The Audio/video information display can come handy for navigation guide, that is provided to assist the driver so that he can see every information with ease and clarity.

Driver State Monitoring

DSM that stands for the driver state monitoring implements facial recognition engine technology that can detect the driver’s state through monitoring the driver’s eye movements and changes in facial muscles. The infrared camera installed in the car can measure the count of driver’s blinking as well as facial direction patterns. As soon as it can detect any abnormal state in the driver it makes sounds with strong vibrations to the seat. This functionality is installed to avoid drowsy driving.

Other Technologies

The Hyundai dealer serving Washington Township showed us the latest Hyundai cars that come with a stream of technological support like, Self-healing scratch shield, Solar cell sunroof, Nano glass in their wiper free vehicles, Honeycomb tires, Smart window, Driver information system, Smart parking assist system.

Apart from these, there are Autonomous emergency where the braking system keeps protecting the drivers from the impending crashes as it automatically halts the car whenever there is a case of emergency. The Advanced traction that improves the agility while taking sharp turns at high speeds. The HTRAC represents an electronic system that can automatically distribute the braking power and that of the traction in between the wheels adjusting with the road conditions.

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