myGMC Mobile App Features

To provide remote vehicle access and information, the GMC brand has launched a mobile app naming it myGMC that works with the latest GMC models. The app has brought a great ease of access as it is a storehouse of innovative features. Here is a brief description on those features that enable the Remote Access facilities in the GMC cars.

The Remote Access Features

As told by the experts at Watsonville GMC dealer, there could be many situations when a car needs to be immediately accessed, but the keys aren’t found at the right moment. Moreover, there were many instances in which people got stuck inside the car, especially children as the car got locked unintentionally. To resolve these issues, remote access to the vehicle became important and that is how a useful app like myGMC can work towards. Let us take a closer look at what and all it has to offer.

  • Remote start of the vehicle
  • Remote locking/unlocking of the Doors
  • Activating horns and lights of the car
  • Sending directions to the vehicle
  • Locating the vehicle in a crowded parking zone
  • Manage the Wi-Fi hotspot of the vehicle
  • View the diagnostics information of the vehicle

Information Features

myGMC went a few steps ahead with the features that help in gathering and accessing information on the go. Here is a list of what and all you can know from the app while you are driving on the road:

  • Search, locate and set a preferred dealer while going for a car service
  • Request for roadside assistance
  • Set a custom reminder for parking
  • Access the owner’s manual of the vehicle
  • Learn about the Device Compatibility

Available Platforms for Installing myGMC:

You can install myGMC is you are using any one of the following platforms:

  • Apple iOS on the Apple AppStore
  • Google Android on Google Play

GMC Vehicle Models Compatible for myGMC app

The myGMC app can work with vehicle models launched in the year 2010 and the newer ones as the Remote start would require the vehicle to have factory-equipped features like remote start option and an automatic transmission.

How Vehicle Remote Access Features Work

As described by the Watsonville GMC dealership, the remote vehicle access features of myGMC need to have an active OnStar plan. It could be either the Basic Plan which is free of cost or one of the paid plans. To make it work the user have to download the app on his or her smartphone, create an OnStar account with a user ID and password, and then it is just a step ahead to log into the myGMC app and start using its features that work in the following ways:

  1. As it runs on a mobile device, like a smartphone or a tablet, the app would connect to the OnStar data center through the Wi-Fi Internet a Cellular network.
  2. The requests sent by the user reaches the app as a remote command like starting the car, and the app sends back the signal to the OnStar data centers again to get the task activated.
  3. Once the data center responds, by sending the data to the vehicle, it turns on the action related to the request.

The Bottom Line

The ease of use and even safety aspects have reached the next level with the technological advancements showcased in an app like myGMC. The new cars from the brand have become more lucrative with such facilities.

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