Seven Signs That You May Need Auto Repairs

If your car isn’t running properly, it can be tough on you and your wallet. Some car troubles are minor but they may become worse if neglected. It’s always best that you get your car in for repairs at the first sign of problems so that you can have minor problems fixed before they develop into bigger problems. All automobiles need servicing every now and again. Here are seven signs that you should take your vehicle in for auto repairs as soon as possible.

Smoke Coming from Under the Hood

Any sort of smoke coming from your vehicle probably isn’t a very good sign. Even if it doesn’t immediately affect your vehicle, it can cause severe damage if you keep driving with the issue. Smoke is often caused by overheating, which leads to engine damage and more. The best thing you can do is cool off your engine by pulling over and have your vehicle towed to a repair shop.

Flashing Check Engine Light

A check engine light is incorporated into your vehicle to let you know when you need to seek repairs. A check engine light coming on is no cause for alarm, but you should schedule an appointment with a repair shop as soon as possible. If the light flashes or turns red, the vehicle should be checked immediately for issues. Try not to put off having your vehicle serviced in either case so you can get it back to normal.

Excessive Smoke from the Exhaust

Excessive smoke can be an indication of many things, including an oil leak if it’s accompanied by a burning smell. In any case, you should see a mechanic at your earliest convenience.

Excessive Noises

Squeaking wheels or a rattling dashboard may seem like minor issues but they may suggest underlying issues that should not be ignored. While wheels squeaking is common, the vehicle should still be checked, as it usually suggests a problem with the bearings or brakes of the car.

Transmission Issues

Transmission issues can be difficult to identify but should always be checked. Problems such as not being able to get up to speed normally or surges of strange operating noises may indicate transmission issues. This problem is commonly found in Range Rovers, which is why Range Rover repair in Dubai is always a good option.


If you notice any leaks of any kind coming from your car, you should see a mechanic as soon as possible. Usually, green leaks towards the front of the car are coolant and red or black leaks are either transmission fluid, engine oil, or brake fluid. However, in the hotter months, water dripping from under the car near the passenger side is very normal due to the car’s air conditioning system.

Engine Problems

Engine troubles? You should probably see a mechanic. Anything from your engine not starting correctly to chugging or shaking are all cause to visit the professionals for repairs or a tuneup to get your vehicle back to normal.


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