The Benefits of Bicycling

Bicycling is an exhilarating sport that blends fitness with the freedom of two tires and the open landscape. It is a low-impact cardiovascular workout that encourages a healthy circulatory and cardiovascular system and is excellent in building stamina and strength. Bicycling combines an exciting workout with the added benefit of becoming a preferred means of transportation.

Calling All Beginner Cyclists

Have you thought about adding bicycling into your life? Perhaps you would be interested in adding bicycling to your morning commute to work, or you want to explore your town with the confidence of speed and reliability. If you’re thinking about getting into bicycling but want to ensure a comfortable riding experience with a vehicle that can reach more impressive speeds than the average cycling novice, then you might want to consider the possibility of trying an electric bike.

Small but Powerful

For small commuters, an electric bike is considered an excellent option. The average speed attained for riding an electric bike is 15 mph. On it, the rider can carry small cargo loads while happily enjoying the portability and freedom that a bicycle offers.

Great for Fitness

While electric bikes are designed to assist riders achieve maximum speed and efficiency, they can still offer quite a workout to those riding. A study at the University of Colorado Boulder tested participants who lived a sedentary lifestyle. When subjects pedaled a minimum of 40 minutes per day on electric bikes their stamina, strength and overall health improved.

Electric Bikes Are Great for Planet

Electric bikes do not depend on gasoline or any sort of fuel. Instead, they plugged into an outlet and charged. When the bikes are charged, they are able to go at least 95 miles on a gentle terrain. Our carbon footprint is massive during our daily lives. Large cities around the world are taking measures about sustainability and transportation. In London, officials have committed to reducing the carbon footprint by 60 percent by the year 2025. To achieve this, London has invested in bike routes all around the city so bicyclists will commit to their fitness and the planet. It’s time to clean up Earth while getting in shape.

Ride a Bike, Save Money

Electric bikes are fantastic for your wallet. As gas prices stay in flux causing panic to many individuals who drive cars everywhere, electric bikes save cyclists money. The average price to maintain a car runs over $9,000. Electric bikes, on the other, can be found for less than $1,000 and do not require the level of maintenance a car does. In addition, while gas prices stay at over $2 per gallon, an electric car can be charged for as little as 50 cents.

Customize Your Ride

With many options available in the electric bike market, a customizable bike is within your reach. You can even turn a regular pedal bicycle into an electric bike with various products available for that option.  

Happy Cycling

Be safe on your electric bike and enjoy!


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