Things to Help you Pass Time While You are in a Traffic Jam

Things to help you pass time while you are in a traffic jam

Traffic jams can become a real headache for the drivers as you are just stuck. The queue ahead of you is not moving and you are sitting in your car with the deep sinking feeling of helplessness. The Japanese used car dealers cars are not going to go any fast when since they are hardly moving.

Now people have come up with this theory that it is time to actually view the world from a different perspective. And this is your opportunity. So in this article we have compiled a list of practical and creative things that you can engage in when you are stuck in a traffic jam.

Always prepare because if you don’t you are bound to fail

Benjamin Franklin has said “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”, this quote is more than just a quote. It can be your guiding light when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. It is a wise practice to assess traffic situation before actually setting off to wherever you are heading to, especially during peak period of traffic jams.

There are certain apps that have been developed to INRIX XD and there are even certain websites which will enable you to learn about traffic updates beforehand. Armed with this knowledge you can make an informed decision before setting off on your journey.

Examples could be of motorists in Scotland who can check out for intelligence on traffic by taking a look at Traffic Scotland or those driving in England can track traffic updates on Highways England.

Whereas those in Wales or Northern Ireland, can visit Traffic Wales and Northern Ireland Traffic Watch to learn about traffic situation beforehand, respectively.

Dipping your feet into the carpool

Those of you who practice carpooling for commuting knows what we are talking about here. So if a colleague of yours live nearby, it is best to engage in carpooling. This way you are not only contributing to the lesser carbon footprint on road but also to fewer vehicles which is beneficial for our overall environment.

Moreover, you get to enjoy the break from driving when it is your colleagues to drive you or your partner’s for that matter. Additionally, you get to have company which doesn’t let you bore so even if you are in a traffic jam, you can always chat your way through it.

Time to play catchup

This one is my personal favorite because if you are a podcast listener, it is at this point they become the most important thing. Listen to any of your favorite shows that you have missed out on due to being busy during the week.

Irrespective of your taste in music or preferred choice of radio station, there are always certain shows which can pique your interest. If you know of a presenter then search for him or her followed by podcast and see what show up.

In addition, you can listen to a great audiobook or equip yourself with a new language while being in a traffic jam which you couldn’t otherwise find time to do.

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