Three Reasons Cars Accelerate Slowly

Have you ever stepped on the accelerator after stopping at a stop light or sign and your car has pulled away slowly? Did it backfire before or seem to almost die before it finally got going? There could be many reasons why your vehicle is slow to get going from a stopped position, including these three issues.

Not Getting Fuel

One reason why your car may be slow to accelerate away from a stop light or sign is that the fuel system isn’t working correctly. There are many reasons for it to be failing, including a vacuum leak in the system. If there is a leak, not only will the car feel as if it doesn’t have any power when trying to accelerate but the check engine light will turn on.

Sometimes a vacuum leak can be caused by a loose fuel cap. Take it off and then replace it but make sure to tighten it to prevent air from leaking into the system.

Clogged Fuel Filter

A fuel filter is designed to prevent contaminants in fuel from getting into the fuel system. If not changed regularly, it can become clogged. If it does clog, the fuel injectors will not get enough fuel, which causes the slow acceleration. A diagnosis of the acceleration problem at a shop specialising in Kent car repairs can get your vehicle running properly again.

Clogged Catalytic Converter

A faulty or clogged catalytic converter will also cause acceleration problems that can make the car feel as if it has lost power. When it is clogged, not enough air reaches the engine, which can cause the vehicle to also run hotter. Replacing this part can be very expensive so you may want to consider getting a new vehicle.

Usually, an acceleration problem is easy to diagnose and your mechanic can quickly get your vehicle running correctly.



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