Three Tips for Finding an Auto Body Repair Shop

If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, then your vehicle probably has damage that needs to be repaired. As long as you’re insured, you shouldn’t have to pay anything but an insurance deductible to have your car repaired, especially if it is the other driver’s fault. You are able to select the repairer of your choice and these tips can help you do so.

Start Search Online

Pull up Google or another search engine to look for auto body shops in your area and go to each website that you find. Their list of services, accreditations, and customer reviews will usually be featured on those sites. Reading this information can provide many of the answers you need about choosing a good auto body repair shop.

Check for Warranties

Most body shops offer warranties on their car body repairs in Abingdon and on the replacement parts that they use. Consider only those offering warranties so that if something happens, you can take the vehicle back to have it fixed. Find out how long their warranties last and make sure that they use OEM parts for newer vehicle models before selecting a shop.

Get Multiple Quotes

Don’t just get one quote and decide to pick that auto body repair shop. You need to get at least three quotes to compare services and prices and appease your insurance company if you’re not going to their recommended shop. The best repair value may not come from the shop offering the lowest costs but from the shop who offers the best services for what you will spend.

Services such as a courtesy car, free pickup and delivery of your vehicle, and getting estimates done at your home or office can set a repair shop apart from its competitors. Check for these services when looking for the best auto body repair value from local shops.


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