Why it Pays to source the Right Car Servicing Garage

While some of the more ambitious and talented motorists prefer to self-service their car, the rest of us rely on the professionals the keep our vehicle in tip top condition, and with so many garages that claim to be the best, it really can be a problem selecting the right one. The modern car is a very complex piece of machinery, and typically, the vehicle would comprise of at least 30,000 components, and with state of the art electronics, it takes a vehicle specialist to properly service the car. It is essential to choose a garage that specialises in your make of vehicle, whatever that may be.

Local Reputation

A good service garage would have a sound local reputation, and with many regular customers, this type of workshop would be ideal. If you happen to live in Sussex, there are excellent garage services in Eastbourne, where your car will be expertly serviced at affordable prices. If you have a friend or colleague who has the same make of car, you might ask them where they have it serviced, and if they are happy with the garage, you might have found the ideal solution.

Specific to the Manufacturer

Car servicing has changed a lot in the past decade or so, and as vehicles have become more complex and technical, the servicing requires specialist knowledge. If you purchased the vehicle from new, the first few services would be carried out by the dealership, and if you are happy with this, you might be well advised to always use the dealer for servicing, as they know the vehicle intimately.

Manufacturer Approved

Some service garages work only on one make of car, and often, the manufacturer gives the garage their seal of approval. This is not an easy thing to obtain, as the car maker would check thoroughly on the garage’s history and working practices before lending their name, and reputation to any garage. If, for example, you drive an Audi, then you should source a servicing garage that is Audi approved, that way, you can be sure the technicians know exactly what they are doing.

Online Solutions

Rather than spending half the day driving around looking for the right garage, the Internet can help you to source the right garage that is located within driving distance. Once you have located the website of a likely candidate, check to see what options they offer, which might include free collection and delivery, and they might also have a car loan scheme, so your busy schedule will not be affected while the car is off the road.

We are all looking for affordable options, so it makes sense to compare a few garages for price. Some offer very low labour rates, so there are deals to be had. Correct servicing is an integral part of keeping your car healthy, and you should never omit a scheduled service. With the right experts at hand, you can maintain a full service history and whenever you decide to sell, you will get top price.

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