Top End Nearly New Bargains

Car showrooms are reacting to a down turn in sales by promoting its nearly new, hundred miles on the clock, models with serious savings.  Here is a selection from the mid to top end of the market.

Lexus Price £54975 Saving From New £4315

The case might be made that if you are spending £55 grand on a car, the extra four thousand to completely new is neither here nor there.  Fair point, but if this saving means a high quality, luxurious Lexus comes into the range of possibility for a few more drivers, then it is worthwhile.

Skoda Superb L+K Price £27990 Saving From New £7085

Good performance and a fine drive from the big Skoda, very much a traditional family car.  It looks like a saloon, and behaves like one, none of this flashy cross over stuff.  The car appeals to drivers with a family to cart about safely and securely.  The lack of body role means far less likelihood of back seat sickness from the kids, when compared to high roofed crossovers.

Jaguar XJ R- Sport Price £55000 Saving From New £18532

Yes, that’s right.  Almost twenty thousand off a luxury jag.  The XJ range has been around for the best part of fifty years, and this, the most current model is an absolute gem.  If you’ve got the cash, get down to the show room now, you won’t regret it.  Comfort, style, speed and Jaguar class.  All of this for just over fifty grand and few miles on the clock.  There will be some lucky, lucky people driving around in splendour in the next couple of weeks.

Nissan 370Z Nismo Price £30950 Saving From New £8425

In the sporting car fraternity, the nifty Nissan is getting a bit on the old side, with a pension due soon.  But, today’s 60 is yesterday’s 40, and there’s life in the old dog yet.  A bit like the Jaguar mentioned above, the car can trace its lineage back half a century, give or take a couple of years but that doesn’t mean it isn’t modern looking.  A touch of the Grecian 2000 has hidden the grey.  The thing about the older generation is that they have demonstrated staying power, and that doesn’t happen without a good reason.

BMW 320D Price £32000 Saving from New £9000

What’s not to love and tempt you?  Nearly ten grand off delivery mileage BMWs?  Get to the dealer and make your case.  Both fun and practical, with more than a touch of horse power, the 320D is also relatively frugal on the fuel consumption.

It’s always compared to its Mercedes and Audi equals; the Audi shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath and the Mercedes is a good car, but staid by comparison.

Remember, before you dive into one of these deals, it could worth using a sell my car service to get rid of your existing vehicle and becoming a cash buyer.

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