Visit Lupient Automotive Group To Find Out the Best Car Of Your Choice

Jeffery Lupient is the present CEO and the President of Lupient Automotive Group. Jeffery Lupient loves to listen to his customers. About their choices of cars, their budgets and at times he loves to talk with them for hours and make them feel at ease. He believes in order to make a successful sale, it is very important to make the patron feel comfortable and feel relaxed. He never rushes or coerces his way in. Regardless to his rank in the organization, Mr. Lupient loves to interact his clients and provide him their choice of cars according to their budget and requirement, rather than getting bogged down with the paper works.

He started his career when he was 15 years old with Lupient Automotive Group. He worked his way up to the top with his hard work and resourcefulness. He did his graduation from Hameline University with Political Science and after finishing that he didn’t wait any time but straightaway joined the family business. The most impressive skill he possessed as a car salesman, is that he knew how to close a deal and attract a lot of customers. He is also connected with various children supporting charities and animal shelters.

Importance Of Showrooms

There are certain products which are best sold face to face. All the products and services cannot be sold online or through brochures. There are even people who do not rely in either of them. They prefer touching, seeing, experiencing the product with their own hands before they commit in buying. For example: cars. A showroom is much a better place to buy a car from. There are a few unavoidable points that will show the importance of it:

  • Showrooms have highly trained and experience sales representatives who can explain and answer all your questions regarding the product.
  • Proper attention is given to each and every patron and the products as well.
  • There is an assurance of after sales service even after they sale the product. Not only that, these showrooms help the patron to make up their mind as to which product they need the most. In short a guiding hand before the sale is made.
  • You get a huge number of products from where you can choose from. Moreover some showrooms also make sure that you get your desired customization as well. Many people prefer customized products, that way the satisfaction level increases tenfold.

Lupient Automotive Group is a very old establishment. It is situated in Minnesota. The dealer ship was started by Jim Lupient. He was the first of his family to start this car dealership. His customer service is well known in the entire Midwestern auto dealership. The unique thing about this dealership is that the employees treat their customers in a most special way. Under the guidance of Mr. Jeffery Lupient the dealership has done a lot.  The main motto of the employees in Lupient Automotive group is to provide best customer service and they keep up to it. There are many dealerships of Lupient Automotive Group in Bloomington, Golden Valley, Minneapolis, Rochester, Brooklyn Park and St. Louis Park.

Lupient Automotive Group is a famous car dealership. They have a huge variety of cars of different makes. They sell cars like, Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, KIA, Infiniti, Nissan etc. Apart from cars they also provide services, after sales service, good quality radials. If you are living in the Minneapolis region and you have a knack for fast shiny cars;  Lupient Automotive Group is the place for you.

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