What Are Chains Slings Used For?

Chains Slings

Perhaps the most common sling type used in rigging and lifting, chain slings are used to lift a range of heavy items on construction sites, including building materials, concrete slabs and skip bins. These are heavy duty chains that are made of high tensile chain and coupled with high tensile components. There are three types of classifications; Grade 80, Grade 100 and Grade 120, with Grade 120 being the strongest of the three. If you work on a construction site, you will be familiar with sling chains as they are a common sight due to their extensive usage on construction sites the world over.

The Advantages of Sling Chains

There are many advantages to using sling chains for lifting and rigging applications on building and construction sites. These advantages include their strength, flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use. As they are made from high tensile materials, they have a high size to load ratio, which means a small sling chain can handle the strain of a much heavier load than most chains can manage.

Another advantage to using sling chains for lifting and rigging is that they are generally available in a wide range of lengths to suit all applications on leading websites like https://www.brindleychains.co.uk/collections/chain-slings . If you require a sling chain that’s only one metre in length that won’t be a problem, nor is it a problem to buy a sling chain that’s ten metres of more in length. These heavy-duty chains are also available in a variety of leg configurations, from one to four legs, depending on the requirements of the application.

Another reason why sling chains are used so extensively is the range of components that they can be used with, including couplers, self-locking hooks, head rings, shortening hooks and sling hooks. As you can see from this list, there are many components that can be combined with sling chains, increasing the number of applications that they can be used for.

Quality Control

When purchasing sling chains for use on building and construction sites, it’s vitally important to ensure the chains and components you purchase meet the stringent regulations for the use of lifting and rigging equipment. Due to the heavy loads sling chains are used to lift, it’s essential that the right alloy steel has been used in the manufacturing and that it meets the latest government standards. This means you should always buy sling chains from a reputable manufacturer.

Follow these tips to make the right decisions about the sling chains you buy.

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