What are the different kinds of auto mechanics available in the markets?

If you have your own car then you need to consult with some certified auto mechanic on a regular basis, because spare parts and the complex mechanism of the recent car models needs some trained auto mechanics for repairing work. Auto mechanics not only repair your car, but they also save your fuel cost and increase the longevity of the car.

What is the functionality of an auto mechanic?  

  1. To identify mechanical problems with various diagnostic equipment which is mainly computerized
  2. To test systems as well as different parts for different kinds of malfunctions
  3. To maintain and take care of the oil, fluids as well as tires
  4. To repair or replace parts which are worn out
  5. To disassemble as well as to reassemble components of the system
  6. To utilize testing equipment in order to maintain and repair the vehicles
  7. To communicate diagnosis as well as repair plans to their customers.

Different kind of auto mechanics available in the market:

Auto mechanics can follow different paths and careers based on their experience as well as their training. There are several kinds of auto mechanics available in the market like, electrical auto mechanics, tyre mechanics and the engine and transmission rebuild mechanics. Now you need to hire them as per your requirement, and moreover you have to inspect your car by hiring some specialist to identify the accurate problems.

  1. Service Technicians: These carry out servicing of vans and cars. These kinds of auto mechanics check the fluid as well as oil levels and they also check the electrical as well as mechanical components based on the servicing schedules. These check the fuel operation as well as they check the ignition systems and ensure efficiency of fuel as well as reliability of the vehicle. They also work on starting problems of the vehicle as well.
  2. Air conditioner repairing: Automotive air-conditioning mechanics specialize in both the installation as well as repairs of the various parts of the air conditioner which includes the compressors, condensers as well as controls. They also check if it will be more cost effective to repair to replace the components.
  3. General auto mechanics: Diagnostic technicians are those who use special tools for finding or diagnosing problems as well as electrical, engine management and ignition systems. They are used in workshops where automotive systems are very complex. Transmission rebuild and replacement: Brake as well as transmission technicians ensure the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and it includes the electronic systems associated with it as well. This requires understanding of four wheel drive systems and control components. They replace, adjust as well as repair brakes, rotors as well as brake pads on motor cycles too. The transmission rebuilders repair hydraulic pumps, gear trains, couplings and more.
  4. Auto-body repairing: Body repair technicians are those that repair body parts which have been damaged or broken or even worn out. These are like the headlights, fenders or panels. If there is extensive damage – they check if they should replace or repair the part or parts in question. They also carry out repairs to remove dents and scratches.

Drivability technicians are used to diagnose whatever malfunctions is there in engines which are gasoline powered. They are very knowledgeable with regards fuel, ignition, emission as well as engine and electrical system management. Vehicle Inspectors are those that check for emissions and the safety of the vehicle. These inspect components as per what needs to be complied with by law. They also identify and retest those components which are not meeting the standards provided and only when they are sure, will they issue inspection stickers.

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