What Is included in a Caravan Safety Check?


A great way to travel in Australia is to buy a caravan for family road trips. A caravan has everything you need during a holiday, including places to sleep and a kitchen to prepare food, and some even have a full bath. However, like any other vehicle, they need to be maintained so they will stay running while you’re on the road.

Before a Trip

Before you pack everyone’s bags, fuel up your rig, and take off on holiday, there are some things you should have checked on the caravan. To prevent breaking down on the side of the road, you should have a qualified mechanic from Ace Caravan Repairs perform a safety check. A safety check will ensure the entire vehicle complies with Australian Design Rules and Australian Standards.

Both the exterior and interior of the vehicle are included in a safety check.

Exterior Checks

The mechanic will check the exterior to ensure the following:

  • Safety chains are in good condition and properly secured.
  • The coupling from the caravan to the tow vehicle is secured.
  • The handbrake can engage and release without catching.
  • All the exterior lights work, such as headlights, brake lights, and reverse, parking, and side lights.
  • All tyres, including spares, are in good condition and at their proper pressure.
  • The battery charges.
  • The brakes work properly.
  • The water tank has been filled.
  • The gas tanks are full and secured properly.
  • The main is disconnected.

While you can take your caravan into the shop to have it checked, Ace Caravan Repairs offers mobile caravan repairs in Melbourne and the outer areas of the city. A mechanic can visit your home to inspect the caravan and make any necessary repairs before you leave on holiday with your family. Fortunately, they can perform the safety check onsite and fix almost anything else.

Interior Checks

The mechanic will also inspect the interior of the vehicle to make sure it is safe before you take off. They will help ensure the following:

  • There is a working, current fire extinguisher.
  • The refrigerator is properly ventilated.
  • The payload doesn’t exceed manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Cupboards, doors, and drawers are secured.
  • Food, water, drinks, and other items are put away and secured.
  • The electricity works.
  • The gas and electricity are turned off before you leave.
  • The lights and toilet works.
  • The water pumps and drains allow water to flow freely.

When you travel, you should also have a toolbox to fix minor repairs or change tyres. The mechanic will check to make sure your toolbox has:

  • a jack,
  • a brace for the wheel,
  • wheel chocks,
  • blocks for tyres, and
  • a jack plate.

While conducting the safety checks on the inside and outside of the caravan, the mechanic will also make sure the engine has the proper amount of oil, the other fluids and liquids are filled, especially the water, and the filters are clean. Making sure your caravan is operational and safe will prevent many possible mechanical issues while you’re on the road and keep you and your family safe.

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