What to Check in an Auto Body Shop

When your vehicle needs a repair work, you trust your known Auto Body shop to be taking genuine care of your vehicle, but unfortunately not every technician working under that shade would be an expert with the best professional attitude. From your side, the last thing you would want to happen after picking up the car is finding the repair work not meeting up the standards or simply didn’t cure the impairment.

To avoid such incidents, you have to be a little bit alert before leaving the collision repair shop and check these issues with a keen eye.

The Auto Paint Work

Sometimes your car paint could get discolored because of poor masking that can lead to the car surface collecting dirt and grit on its paint. While some mechanic would suggest a mere polish work, it might be the case that the car essentially needs to get re-painted. If you decide for a re-paint job done, check thoroughly the areas around the doorjambs and the trim. Look for a slightly foggy patch or an overly shiny one as overspray can make a surface look that way and ask them to correct their mistakes if you find one.

The Auto Paint Color Matching

Color matching has a scientific procedure that even asks for a well-trained eye.  If your vehicle is experiencing color changes over a period because of exposure, then it is indicative of a mismatched painting job of the auto body shop. To avoid the mistake of accepting a wrong painting job, take out your car into the sun, to see it’s actual color and compare the color discrepancies. If they don’t match properly, ask the shop to redo the job.

Proper Re-Installation of Equipment

If your car has undergone some major installation work, before you accept the car from the shop, check the wipers, power windows, turn signals and lock switches to make sure they are functioning normally.  Watch out for any error codes, like the light of the airbag coming on or the infotainment system is responding to your commands and so on.

Proper Alignment of Auto Body Panels

Check for the gaps between the repaired panels closely and compare the same with the other areas in the car.  If they don’t match with the pre-existing panels, ask you mechanic to give it a second try and execute a proper alignment of the auto body panels.

Proper Alignment of Wheels

Tires are the most common reason to visit the auto body shop. Tire alignment, is one of the most important aspects for maintaining the health of your tires as they directly influence the longevity. There are few lazy kinds of mechanics who wants to get it done by using shortcuts that are dangerous for the car. But once you take it out, the responsibility of its wrong behavior would shift to you. So, don’t be in a hurry to take back your car, through it is tiresome. Try it out on the road as a test drive with a mechanic with you. If your car is pulling to a side, it means it needs a proper alignment.

Summing Up

Checking these points before you leave the auto repair shop would justify your time, money and the effort of the mechanics too.

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