What You Need to Know When Hiring a Car for Business

Whilst many customers hire cars for holiday travel, a good number of travellers rely on car hire for business or convention activities. This mode of transport is especially ideal if you are in town for just a couple of hours or will be staying overnight and leaving in the morning. All you need to do is land at the airport and head on over to the car hire agency.

Who Should Drive the Car?

Sometimes business travellers are not alone when they hire cars. If you find you have to book a car for several people, you have to determine who will drive the vehicle. Should the boss drive the car or should you navigate the vehicle whilst your boss sits back to answer his or her e-mails? If you are handling all the work travel for your company, you may find that it is best to assume the driver role.

However, that being said, the assigned driver may also be the person who needs the transport the most. For example, if one person in your group has scheduled a number of client meetings or if one of the travellers arrives before the rest of the group, he or she may end up driving the car. If he or she signs for it at an agency, such as Express Rent a Car, he or she will probably end up being the primary driver.

Vehicles Designed for Rough Terrains

Many business travellers today, such as those people in the construction or engineering fields, like to hire 4×4 vehicles when they are on business trips. A sturdy SUV is an ideal solution, especially if you want to obtain a comfortable ride on difficult or rough terrain. Many executives often choose SUVs such as the Mercedes GL. However, if you prefer more in the way of 4×4 power and performance, then you may wish to book a Ford Range Rover instead.

If you are establishing the hire for your company and are unsure about the make and model of the vehicle, call the rental firm first and ask their advice. Tell them how many people are travelling in your group and ask about the nature of the roadways.

SUV Interior Amenities

All SUV models today are equipped with automatic transmission, satellite navigation, climate control, and quality CD players. Leather upholstery is also standard in these kinds of vehicles. Naturally, when you hire these kinds of autos, it may be really difficult to determine who will drive the car. People love the handling of today’s luxurious SUVs as well as their acceleration and stability over hard-to-navigate roads.

You can obtain a car hire straight from the airport using a car hire company’s collection and delivery service. Airport hire is available at Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, and London City airports in the UK. When making a booking, send an enquiry via e-mail to receive an initial quote.

All cars for business travellers are covered by comprehensive insurance, including third-party cover. Car hires also feature 24-hour breakdown assistance protection plans, including relay to home or a specific destination. Unlimited mileage is offered for most vehicle hires of three days or more.

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