When to Replace Your Tyres


Nearly everything eventually begins to wear down after continuous use, such as the soles of your shoes or the tyres on your car. This is not a sign of bad driving but rather an inevitability of owning a car, and you never want to learn that your tyre needs replacement by experiencing a blowout in the middle of the road. Tyres get old and worn down over time and knowing the signs will ensure that you get your tyres replaced before they cause a catastrophe on the road.

Of course, the best way to keep your tyres current is to bring your car in once or twice each year to have it looked at by a professional. However, not all drivers can find the time to do this, making it all the more important that they know what to look for on their own. Discount Tyres Brisbane will ensure that your replacement tyres are not only cost-effective but durable and long-lasting to help cut down on eventual replacement costs in the future.

Tyre Tread

The tread on your tyres should never fall below 1.6mm in depth. If you often find yourself driving on wet or slick surfaces, it is in your best interest to keep the tread at a minimum of 3.2mm. You can find a simple gauge at the market to measure the tread depth the same way professionals do, but you can also use a coin to measure the length. If you place a coin into your tread and find that nearly all of the coin is still clearly visible, you likely need to replace your tyres. Discount Tyres Brisbane ensures that your tyres are not only cost-effective but ready to handle even the most dangerous roads without causing you trouble.

Indicator Bars

New Brisbane tyres have an added convenience built into their design that older tyres do not have. Tread wear indicator bars are invisible or barely visible when you first buy your tyres but will become more clear as the tread on your tyres wears out. These appear as flat rubber bars running perpendicular to the direction of the tread itself. If you notice that more than two of these are visible on your tyres, the tread has begun to run too low. If you notice these on one of your tyres, it is a good idea to check the rest of them, especially if you bought them at the same time or near the same time.


Some problems with tyres have nothing to do with the tread and you may want to check your sidewalls. Fortunately, it is easy to do a visual check of any sidewall problems. Look for cuts, tracks, or grooves that are distinct enough to be visible by simply looking at them. This could be a sign that your tyre is developing a leak or about to blow out, which is a big reason to replace it quickly. Any time you notice a serious issue with your tyres, you need to contact a reputable company capable of saving you time and money while increasing your safety on the road.

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