Which Parts Of Your Car Can Be Sold At The Scrap Yard

You might have a fleet of company cars that have fallen into disrepair and you want to get rid of them. This is going to be simple when you think about taking the car to a scrap yard. There are many different parts on the car that can be stripped away and then you will receive some money for what has been taken from the car.

The Exhaust

1) The exhaust is made of metal so it can be sold to the scrap yard for a profit.

2) The workers at the yard are going to make sure that the exhaust is given a full inspection before they decide that they are going to buy it off you.

3) Then they are going to pay you. This money could be put towards paying for a new company vehicle.

The Bonnet

1) The steel bonnet cover of the car can be taken off and sold to steel merchants in Perth who run a scrapyard. You do not have to worry about dents and scratches in this case.

2) The owner of the yard will make sure that they inspect the bonnet fully and then you are going to be financially compensated.

The Hub Caps

1) The hub caps on the wheels are made of metal. You can take them along to the scrap yard to see how much they are going to be worth. You may be surprised at the amount of money that you receive for this part of your car.

2) You do not have to worry about the condition that the hub caps are in before you take them along to the scrap yard.

The Engine

1) There are many parts of the engine that can be sold for scrap. The workers at the yard will dismantle the engine to see all of the parts that they can buy from you.

2) The yard will make sure that they give you a fair price for the engine which is being scrapped. They will want to encourage you to become a repeat customer, so you should get a price that you are completely comfortable with.

The Seatbelt Buckles

1) The buckle on your seat belt contains metal that can be scrapped for a profit. This is going to be an easy job for the people at the scrapyard. All they will do is separate the metal buckle from the rest of the strap.

2) You can then put the money towards buying a completely new car for the company.

The Axels

1) The axles of the car are made of metal, which can be sold to the scrap yard. They can be removed from the car easily and then they can be sold.

Article Conclusion

You do not need to sell company cars onto someone else. Instead, you can have the car evaluated by workers at a scrap yard. They will be able to scrap the car so that you can receive a profit.

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