Why New Holland is backing new FG #ProudToFarm campaign

One of the key supporters of Back British Farming campaign is New Holland, the brand that has the biggest tractor manufacturing facility in the UK and an important contributor to the success of farming globally since its tractor production in 1964.

Sites they have proudly manufactured for over 54 years include Essex and Basildon, they currently have more than 800 employees in the UK and rank among the top 15 UK exporters. With a record of product development and innovation, Basildon has manufactured some of the most popular tractor models ever made or assembled in Essex and exported globally: Ford 7810, Ford 400, and the award-winning T7, T7 Heavy Duty Models and T6.

New Holland tractors confirms itself at the forefront of the production of leading vehicles with over 1.6 million tractors manufactured, 120 export markets, 16,000 various tractor specifications, becoming the clean energy frontman due to its effort towards sustainable technology which ends up earning them bronze standard award in the global class producing scale. Its continuous support to the local community is a great example of British-built excellence consistently helping, improving and sustaining the agricultural sector of Britain.

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